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Grolsch switches to lightweight bottle caps

Grolsch switches to lightweight bottle caps
- 19% less steel used for Grolsch bottle caps -


In October, beer brewer Grolsch will start using a lightweight bottle cap for all of its returnable bottles. The new bottle caps are 17% lighter and contain 19% less steel. In this way, Grolsch will save over 100,000 kg of steel per year. The switch will also cut transport costs within the chain and reduce Grolsch's environmental impact. This measure is a sustainable solution that maintains the high quality that Grolsch is famous for. Today, Grolsch published its results in the field of sustainability and social responsibility over the past year. The report, which includes a detailed explanation of the various result areas, can be found at .

Packaging protects the products and ensures that consumers perceive the brand in the desired way. Grolsch wants to project the premium quality of its beer while minimising its impact on the environment. For this reason, Grolsch is making efforts to design sustainable, lightweight packaging, to reuse bottles and to encourage recycling. Grolsch piloted these bottle caps for SABMiller and will be one of the first SABMiller breweries to switch to the lightweight bottle caps.

Swing-top bottle: most sustainable
Over the past year, in addition to a number of concrete projects relating to optimisation of packaging, Grolsch has also been busy conducting a life-cycle analysis (LCA) of its packaging. This analysis gives a detailed picture of a number of Grolsch packaging. The entire production process, from raw materials, transport, storage, cooling, water & energy consumption and CO2 emissions to the return of the bottles (if applicable), is put under the microscope. The analysis indicates which areas offer the most potential for lessening environmental impact. Furthermore, the research showed that the swing-top bottle was the most sustainable of all of our packaging! Based on these results, Grolsch is working to develop even more sustainable packaging and production methods.

Four priorities
In order to operate sustainably and responsibly, Grolsch works in accordance with SABMiller's sustainability strategy entitled 'Ten Priorities. One Future'. Based on this, Grolsch has specified four main priorities. In addition to reduction and recycling packaging, Grolsch also actively promotes responsible alcohol consumption, water saving & recycling, and reduction of energy use & CO2 emissions. In the results published by Grolsch today, you can find information on all developments relating to these four priorities over the past year.

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