Welcome to Grolsch's Corporate Website

Grolsch is a company with a rich history dating back to 1615. The brewer started out in the east of the Netherlands, in Groenlo, and is now based in Enschede. Its home market is the Netherlands and that is where its commercial activities are concentrated.

Grolsch brews only beer and focuses on the premium segment of the market, placing the strong Grolsch brand at centre stage. The brand's strength is rooted in the motto 'Craftsmanship is Mastery' and in its iconic swing-top bottle. Innovation and creativity are further key strengths, playing a crucial role in responding to changes in demand, particularly in highly developed beer markets. The Grolsch organisation is professional, powerful and flexible. Besides commercial success, the company also enjoys strong financial results, thanks to the fact that it is a well respected and appealing employer and thanks to its substantial social engagement. Grolsch is a subsidiary of Asahi.